Providing quality mental health care in the Peoria area since 1981


Comprehensive treatment options

We treat conditions such as:

Take advantage of our outpatient, inpatient, and consultation services, provided by the board certified psychiatrists and licensed clinical social workers. Services are available at all area hospitals in addition to the Proctor Addiction Recovery Center.

- Mood Disorders

    - Major Depression

    - Bipolar Disorder

- Anxiety Disorders

    - Panic Disorder

    - Phobias

    - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


- Dissociative Disorder

- Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

- Psychotic Disorders

- Dementia / Cognitive Decline issues

Treatment plans for all ages

Our skilled team is qualified to offer mental health assistance and evaluation to both individuals as well as groups. We accept a wide variety of managed care network plans, so give us a call to see how we can help you achieve optimal mental health today.

- Sexual Abuse Issues

- Grief and Loss Issues

- Self-Esteem Issues

- Anger Management Problems

- Stress Management

- Divorce Separation Issues

- Parent / Child Problems

- Women's Issues

- Men's Issues

Quality mental health services.

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Providing quality mental health care