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What is group therapy? Group therapy is a treatment format that typically consists of 6-8 group members who meet face to face working together with a therapist to explore personal and interpersonal challenges. Members benefit from emotional support, understanding, and encouragement from one another.


Why choose group therapy? Participants in group therapy often report feeling less alone in the world through understanding other people's lives. Additionally, understanding other people's problems, goals, and solutions helps members better understand themselves. We can also experiment with different roles and ways of being in group that inform and change our lives outside of group. Group therapy provides opportunities for transcending our life struggles through experiencing our common humanness with others.


What groups are available and when are they held?  There are a variety of groups currently offered. The list below provides current group offerings. The groups are all time limited ranging in length from 6 to 12 weeks in duration.


For more information about a specific group or to register for an upcoming group, Contact: Associates in Mental Health, SC Phone: 637-4266.


Beat Your Stress


Purpose: This group meets the last Thursday of each month from 6:30-7:30pm. Beat your Stress is an open therapeutic group where participants will come together and share a transformative and healing experience. Current research indicates rhythm circles improve mood, reduces tension, anxiety and stress, releases negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma, promotes mindfulness, boosts the immune system, helps control chronic pain, and creates a sense of connectedness with self and others.  A variety of hand percussion instruments will be provided or you are welcome to bring your own. No prior experience is necessary and all levels and ages are welcome.



Understanding and Embracing Change


Purpose: This is a 6 week group designed for people that desire to make changes in their lives, but find themselves stuck. The group will discuss change readiness, motivation and cognitive struggles that often interfere with implementing changes. The group will complete a wellness wheel and plan an intervention/ change to work on during the group. The group will also work on mindfulness skills to manage stress that occurs when making changes in our lives.


Taking the Fight out of Anxiety!


Purpose: This is a 12 week group that will combine Acceptance and Commitment theory and mindfulness techniques to learn to recognize and accept the negative experiences of life. This approach takes the battle out of anxiety instead focusing on traveling with negative emotions. This group will focus on mastering anxiety by reducing its power. This group actively engages participants in numerous activities that demonstrate treatment concepts.


Building Shame Resilience


Purpose: This is a 12 week group focused on the work of Brene Brown. This group uses shame resilience theory to explore ways to live a happier life through understanding the relationship between authenticity, vulnerability and shame. The goal is to learn to live a “wholehearted” life. Brene Brown is a leading authority in shame resilience and has one of the most viewed Ted talks ever produced. This group will utilize her 12 week curriculum.


Overcoming Depression by Changing How You Think


Purpose: This is an eight week group that will focus on changing patterns of behaving, thinking and self-perception. In identifying unhealthy ways of being and thinking, participants can learn to relax and engage in a more fulfilling life. Participants will learn to identify and challenge maladaptive ways in which they view themselves and themselves in the context of the world at large in order to create a more sustainable change in mood.


Learn the Art of Mindfulness


Purpose: This is a 6 week group designed to understand the concepts of mindfulness and to develop a practice of mindfulness. The art of mindfulness focuses on being present in every moment nonjudgmentally. Participants will learn the benefits of mindfulness through establishing their own practice. A variety of mindfulness techniques will be covered so that participants can tailor a practice style that best suits their own personal needs.


Adolescent Group (ages 13-18)


Purpose: This group is intended to help adolescents dealing with mood and anxiety disorders. We focus on school issues, interpersonal relationships, stress reduction and general well being using a variety of therapeutic techniques. Members will participate in a variety of exercises to enhance mindfulness and relaxation, cognitive restructuring, mood regulation and interpersonal skills.


When: this group is held every other Monday from 5-6pm.



*****If you are interested in joining one of the groups, please call the office at 637-4266.

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